World of Shit

by Carrion Eater and Contraktor

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A split with my fellow Anarchist Power Electronics collective Contraktor. The world is shit, let's clean it up with anarchy.

Contraktor's half:


released June 9, 2017

Hyaena: Everything



all rights reserved


Carrion Eater Fall River, Massachusetts

Anarchist Power Electronics.

If you would like to do a split with me, do an interview, et-cetera, either contact me through Facebook, or email me.

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Track Name: Crisis Actor
Children killed while the family grieves. Similar looking girl, same age, different years. Crisis actor.

Death threats sent to families missing their youngest. Conspiratorial hatred in the hearts of /pol/ members. Crisis actor.

The murder of 40 children in 1 day never happened - it was just a fabrication to make it illegal for people to own guns. White, fat men yell at their computer screens with one hand on the mouse and the other with a death grip on their cock to hentai porn. Crisis actor.

The graves are there, as are the memorials and security camera footage for the killings. But it HAD to be a fake. A hoax to take our right to own fully-automatic weapons away from god-fearing, red-blooded Americans. Crisis Actor.

Another child dead, another death threat sent, another family mourns, another family fears for their lives. Crisis actor.
Track Name: Liberty Measles
Rampant Patriotism poisons the heart of millions as senseless wars on disenfranchised brown and white and black people are fought nationwide - here, and on the home front - under the guise of keeping the country safe.

In reality, these "patriots" only want to keep the country clean - free of lowlife scum who feed off of the working man's hard-earned money with their food stamps and government cheese and not speaking the right way.

Liberty measles is poisoning your heart and mind, prejudice hatred makes me ashamed to be white.

Pledge allegiance to the flag that covers the corpses of 20 million men, women, and children - all killed in the name of black shit in the ground that hurts our air and ruins our earth.

Liberty measles is poisoning your heart and mind, prejudice hatred makes me ashamed to be white.
Track Name: The Art of Throwing Stones
A feedback/instrumental piece, made by the dragging and hitting of stones up against a contact microphone. This track is used to bring up the first line of protest being the throwing of stones.