by Carrion Eater

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The newest Carrion Eater effort. In the spirit of Bloodyminded and Napalm Death, two of my favorite bands, three tracks are "blast" songs. Themes of this album include animal rights, anarchist politics, violent death, and depression.

Fuck off white power electronics!


released September 27, 2016

Hyæna: Noise, Vocals, Art



all rights reserved


Carrion Eater Fall River, Massachusetts

Anarchist Power Electronics.

If you would like to do a split with me, do an interview, et-cetera, either contact me through Facebook, or email me.

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Track Name: Whirlwind of Suicide
Do you think your claims help me?
Do you think you actually "get" it?
Do you think that the paper said?
The paper said what?
That it's in my head?
Do you think that I know how to explain?
Do you think that it's in my head?
Is it just depression, or is it a phase?
Do you cry about it? Do you not know what to do?
Am I a burden? Am I a stone?
Do you understand? Do you even care?
Are you tired of reading those books?
Are you tired of the money you paid for medication?

100 Milligrams. 100 Milligrams.

Do you understand?

What are you to do?
Stop being a poor thing.
You know it's in your head. right?
You know you have what you need, right?
Deep breaths.
Deep breaths.

It's not real, is it?
Come on, you'll be fine.
You're just not going to talk to me now?
Be that way.
Be that way.
Track Name: B1-B Lancer
Just another day, just another dead civilian.
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine.
They did nothing except be at the wrong place.

I walk through the streets of Gaza.
Israeli rubble.
Palestinian children buried among it.
This isn't necessary.
It's never necessary.

Legs blown off in combat.
Young lives ruined.
Some fight, some sit on thrones.
Who's the real winner?

It's so easy to blame them. Try it.
It's so easy.
So easy.
It's easy.

I walk through the streets of Baghdad.
Who did this? Who deserved this?

Just another day.
Kill with a drone, and go home.
Track Name: Brotherfucker//Manhunter
Brotherfucker. Manhunter.
Track Name: M. Sheppard
She was lying with her head about three feet from the head board on her back, with her right arm lying beside her, and her left arm folded over her stomach - the legs were bent at the knees protruding over the outer edge of the bed, beneath a cross bar. I observed many lacerations on her forehead, considerable clotted blood about her hair and face. The upper part of her body from her stomach to her neck was covered with a checked blouse or shirt; the lower part of her body was covered with bed clothing; exposing only her stomach. She appeared to be dead at that time. Making an observation of the room I observed shades were drawn; there was blood Spots on the door leading to the bedroom which was open; there was some cloths lying and hanging on a rocker at the foot of the bed in which she was lying, there were two pairs of ladies shoes; one pair was a white moccasin type, the other pair blue oxford tennis shoes. It immediately went downstairs and outside to the police car and radioed for a doctor be sent immediately and that Chief of Police, John Eaton, and Sgt. Jay Bubach be notified and come up. At this time I had informed that Dr. Richard Sheppard had been called already and was on his way - I then went to the house and to the study where Dr. Sam was, he was still sitting in the red leather chair, he had no shirt or under shirt, he wore a pair of brown trousers. I also observed discoloration at the right side of his face at the eye which was swelling; there was evidence of a swelling at the right cheek at the corner of the mouth, I inquired as to, what had happened and he related that he did not know, he had heard Marilyn scream, that he was fighting on the stairs; that he was in the water; that he came upstairs, at this time he clasped both hands at the back of his neck; and turned his head and said nothing more. Meanwhile the members of the Bay Village Fire Department arrived; Fireman Dick Sommers and Volunteer Fireman Roland Callihan were up stairs with the stretcher in the bedroom- As I was coming down the stairs I met Doctor Richard Sheppard coming in the hall from the Lake Road Door Entrance; Dr. Richard Sheppard went over to the study and looked in at Dr. Sam Sheppard and I directed him to come with me upstairs immediately, he proceeded me up the stairs and on the way he asked for some kitchen knifes, I reached back and gave him three kitchen knifes off the rack above the sink in the kitchen, he entered the room turning on the light; he walked around the bed in between the twin beds; he examined her; in a professional manner; he replaced the instruments in his bag, an returned the kitchen knifes to mea and then went down stairs and went to the study where Dr. Sam Sheppard was. I then informed Mayor Spencer Houk that I felt that we needed some assistance, and asked that the Cleveland Police Homicide Department be notified as well as Dr. Sam Gerber, County Coroner. Mayor Houk agreed that this would be done shortly thereafter upon the arrival of Chief Police John Ell ton I called the Cleveland Police Detective Bureau and the Coroners Office to obtain the phone number of Mr. Raymond Keefe, whom I notified. I then searched the premises for the weapon and other evidence; I made an examination of the premises. I went in the upper yard and down approximately fifty steps to a porch surrounding a beach house from here I could observe the beach in both directions and there was no evidence to indicate that there might have been a struggle or foot prints on the beach, on returning up the stairs I saw the third step from the top several water blotches continuing up to the lawn, going into the porch and into the living room I observed a small pool of water on the threshold between the porch and living room.
Track Name: Threat
You're a threat.
Track Name: Until Every Cage is Broken
Animal liberation until every cage is broken!
Track Name: Dysthymia
What goes on behind the white picket fence?