Darkness and Decay Hold Dominion Over All

by Carrion Eater

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Enpherest Some of the harshest industrial noise I have ever heard. Incredibly unsettling. Favorite track: Clean Christian Living.
Ben Hambro
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Ben Hambro Wonderful noise. Very interesting uses of sampling and spoken word also. Favorite track: It's What Jesus Would Want.
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/// 8 tracks of Dark, Oppressive Industrial Noise. Sounds like something that'd be found on a USB encased in 100,000 year old bedrock. Favorite track: Snake Pit.
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This, officially, is Carrion Eater's full-length release. Comprised of tracks that I was able to find, I created new art for the album, and made a full release. There's a couple of bonus things hidden in the download zip as well.



released March 22, 2016

Hyæna: Noise, Vocals, Art



all rights reserved


Carrion Eater Fall River, Massachusetts

Anarchist Power Electronics.

If you would like to do a split with me, do an interview, et-cetera, either contact me through Facebook, or email me.

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Track Name: Recitation
I. I reign over you, saith Lucifer In power exalted above the firmaments And over the earth; in whose hands The sun is as a sword And the moon as a thorough-thrusting fire: Who measureth your garments In the midst of my vestures And trussed you together as the palms of my hands And brightened your vestments with infernal light. I made a law to govern my sons and daughters. I delivered truth and furnished to you The power of understanding. Moreover, ye lifted up your voices And swore obedience and faith to Lucifer Who liveth and triumpheth, whose beginning is not Nor end cannot be. Who shineth as a flame In the midst of your palace and reigns amongst you As the balance of righteousness and truth. Move therefore and show yourselves! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me! For I am the servant of the same! The true worshipper of Lucifer In glory and power exalted, Of the kingdom of the south.

II. Can the wings of the winds Understand your voices of wonder O you, sons and daughters of Satan? Of whom hell-fire has framed within The depths of my jaws; Whom I have prepared as a gathering For a wedding, or as the flowers In their beauty for the chambers Of pleasure. Stronger are your feet Than the barren stone, And mightier are your voices Than the manifold winds; For you are become a building Such as is not, Save in the mind of Lucifer, The All-Powerful. Arise! Move! Therefore unto his servants; Show yourselves in power, And make me a strong seer of things; For I am of Lucifer, Who lives forever!

III. Behold! Saith Satan, I am a circle On whose hands stand twelve kingdoms. Nine are the seats of living breath The rest are as sharp sickles Or the horns of death where in the Creatures of Earth are And are not except by mine own hands, which also Sleep and shall rise! In the I made you stewards, and placed you
In the twelve seats of Giving unto every one of you power successively Over The nine true ages of time, to the intent From the highest vessels and the Of your governments, ye might work my Pouring down the fires of And increase continually upon the Thus ye are become the Of justice and truth. In Satan's name, rise up!
Show yourselves! His mercies His name is become mighty among us! In whom we say move! Apply yourselves unto As unto the Of his mysteries in your creation!